Thursday, November 20, 2014


As some of you may know two and a half years ago right around the time of our first dating anniversary my boyfriend at the time was diagnosed with testicular Cancer. He lived in NJ and I live in Boston so I immediately left school and drove down to be with him. I don't even remember the drive down it all seem like a blur. He had surgery and was fine and soon moved up to Boston with me and had to go back to Dana Farber every couple of months for tests and scans to make sure that it didn't come back. 14 months after his first diagnosis and just a couple weeks after we got engaged we found out that it had come back and spread to his lymph nodes in his abdomen. He would have to start 9 weeks of chemotherapy the following week. Not exactly how you imagine starting off planning your wedding! I tried not to think about what we were going through and just take it day-by-day and put a happy face on and we got through it just like we did the first time. As of September 24th he has been cancer free! We continue to go back to Dana Farber every 3 months to keep an eye on it, and the week of the appointment I can't help but think what if it comes back, it's a terrible feeling to always be thinking that "what if". I can't imagine how he must feel. We've got one year cancer free done and we have four more to go and I hope we never have to deal with this crap again because it's the scariest thing ever.

He had to get his lungs tested because one of the three chemo drugs he had to get affects your lungs. The technician was in awe at his lung capacity she said it was "super human". Which of course he still reminds me of! He credits it to years of swimming!

He loves when I make play dough for my class. He has to test it out before I bring it in!

Last day of chemo!

One of our engagement photos that I just absolutely love...

Some pictures of our wedding this past July!

So needless to say we are huge supporters of #MOvember and raising awareness for men's cancer. I became a #MOsista and if you're feeling generous and would like to donate to my page to support #MOvember here is the link to my #MOsista page!

Thanks to Heather from Creative Teaching Press for all the mustache swag! The little mustache cut outs were perfect for our "Disguise a Turkey" project!

We even got photobooth props that my class absolutely LOVED they went crazy over this! They kept their mustaches on all day I was cracking up!

These mustache postcards are perfect for the great postcard exchange I'm joining where our class is sending one postcard to a different teacher/class in each state...

I love to pay it forward and didn't want to keep all of these goodies just for myself so I did a MOvember giveaway on my Instagram and @arlanzone won all of these goodies!

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