Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!!

Today the students walked into the class each holding their own flower to give to me. We put them all together in a beautiful bouquet after! It was so sweet and thoughtful! The parents also put together a really cute picture book from Shutterfly with all different pictures from throughout the year. It was by far the nicest teacher appreciation gift I have received! The PTO also put up quite the spread for lunch for all the teachers, it was delicious! They even volunteered their time to cover our class for an hour so we could sit down and enjoy our lunch without having to shove food into our mouths and go, like how lunchtime usually is. :o) It was a great day!!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

CVC Write the Room

Today we did a CVC write the room center during workboard. The kids love doing different write the room centers and it gets them up and moving so I like it too :o) I will post my recording sheet for you to use, and I'm trying to find the link to the CVC cards to stick up around the room...so stay tuned!

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